Murphy Brown


I grew up watching Murphy Brown with my Mom who, from the very beginning, encouraged an appreciation for strong, smart and outspoken women. So, when the opportunity was presented to take part in launching the show's return, I was excited to work with characters who'd made such a strong impression during my teenage years. It was a wonderful experience that stretched over the summer... collaborating with the show's legendary creator, Diane English, the creatives at the CBS Marketing Department, the team at Moving Parts including my ever-supportive producer Romi Laine as well as cinematographers Chuck Ozeas (CA) and David Waterston (NY) and, of course, the warm and funny cast, both returning and new. My experience wrapped up with an opportunity to observe a week of episode prep and taping where I met the amazing Pam Fryman, who exceeded her reputation as one of television's most talented and gracious directors. As always, I'm grateful to the many people who contribute their time and energy to making this possible. -Ric

Promo Director: Ric Serena
Show Creator/Executive Producer: Diane English
Client/Agency: CBS Marketing Department
Production Company: Moving Parts, Inc.
Producer: Romi Laine
Cinematographers: Chuck Ozeas & David Waterston
Editors: Jessica Katzenstein & Brian Retchless
Colorist: Stephen Arkle
Graphic Design: CBS Design Team